Control of infectious diseases and searching for the unknown

It is the mission of veterinary hygiene to study how to control infectious diseases that continue to emerge. In order to control infectious diseases, it is necessary to understand the nature of pathogenic organisms, mechanisms of their proliferation and transmission, as well as prevention of infection and pathobiology. Based on such information, comprehensive approaches are required for the disease prevention. Our laboratory are now studying prion diseases, which are fatal neurodegenerative diseases and also recognized as zoonoses. We are focusing on the understanding of mechanisms of prion propagation and neurodegeneration caused by prions, and are attempting to apply regenerative medicine/cell therapy to the disease treatment. We are also studying proliferative enteritis in various animal species, about which control measures remain undeveloped, particularly on the mode of transmission and diagnostic methods. As part of our efforts to control infectious diseases, we are undertaking research that can be done only by a university, maintaining balance between basic research, which is aimed at capturing the essence of phenomena and is driven by intellectual curiosity, and applied research, which is aimed at contributing to society.


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