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The health of humans, animals and the environment together form a single “health circle.” Protecting this circle is key to ensuring a sustainable community.

This PhD program will create future leaders of veterinary science who are proficient in the lab, the clinic and the classroom.

   Hokkaido University's WISE program for One Health Frontier Graduate School of Excellence started April,2019. This program promoted by Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine and Graduate School of Infectious Diseases, produces experts who can design and implement solutions involving One Health.



 The educational principles of the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine aim to develop scientific researchers/veterinary practitioners with a wide range of accomplishments, high ethical standards and an abundance of sensitivity; experts who will become responsible for the health and well-being of animals, humans and the environment – with outstanding creativity and international awareness – by acquiring specialized and advanced knowledge and skills, through the study and research of veterinary medicine and veterinary sciences. Based on these principles, the educational aims of the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine are to nurture human resources and provided domestic and overseas societies with 1) personnel to develop the world’s veterinary medicine, veterinary healthcare and life sciences in various occupational fields such as veterinary medicine, life science, environmental conservation and the like, 2) human resources to lead conservation of the environment/ecosystem and regional veterinary healthcare in a variety of fields, such as the agriculture and livestock industries as well as medicine/food-related industries, and 3) pioneers to lead research and education in next generation veterinary medicine and veterinary sciences.