Basic Principles of the School

The Hokkaido University School of Veterinary Medicine aims to foster veterinarians who, based on veterinary medicine as a natural science that is responsible for all animal life on earth, can meet the diverse social needs of veterinary medicine; needs that go beyond the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and that include the safe supply of animal food products, drug development, contributions to the development of biological science, the protection and management of wild animals, and the control of zoonoses.



Educational Objectives

The School of Veterinary Medicine provides students with specialized knowledge and skills in veterinary medicine to develop new generations of veterinarians equipped with a well-rounded character, a strong sense of ethics and international perspectives, as well as researchers who can take a pioneering approach to veterinary medicine. Graduates are expected to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of animal health, the improvement of public health, food safety and the development of life sciences. Specifically, the School of Veterinary Medicine helps students:


  1. to learn standards of conduct that are based on the logic and ethics needed for veterinarians in their duties;
  2. to acquire proficient knowledge and skills on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, as well as on the maintenance and improvement of animal health and public health;
  3. to gain the international perspectives, expertise and specialized skills necessary to contribute to the solving of global issues such as food supply stability, the safety of livestock animals and their products, and the control of zoonoses; and
  4. to develop, through research experience on leading-edge life sciences, problem-solving abilities based on veterinary medicine and the ability to conduct international activities for new discoveries related to life phenomena and drug development.



Ideal Students

  • Students who love animals and are capable of observing animals from objective, scientific perspectives
  • Students who have a sense of awe toward and are scientifically inquisitive about life phenomena
  • Students with the desire to make social and international contribution through veterinary medicine