Overseas Activities


Our faculty and graduate school jointly conduct educational programs and research projects with foreign universities, and we are engaged in a diverse range of outreach activities by utilizing our knowledge of veterinary science. Our various joint programs offer undergraduate students hands-on experiences in practical research fields in countries in Europe and the United States as well as in Asia and Africa. In addition, graduate students have the chance to conduct practical research in the areas of infectious disease and food safety as well as environmental toxicity, by using the materials they obtained themselves when during their visit to foreign countries. Moreover, we offer students in all departments of our graduate school the opportunities to participate in overseas academic conferences and joint programs.

We have contributed our achievements to international organizations, such as WHO, but also number of overseas universities supporting their development of human resources and establishment of educational programs. One exemplary case is our contribution to the joint venture with the University of Zambia to establish its faculty of veterinary science and its educational systems. In the early 1980’s, this project started from technology cooperation, but not has developed into conducting joint research programs, and we have now established the research center and the local office of Hokkaido University in Zambia.

As part of our ongoing graduate school reforms, we will expand and enhance our overseas internship programs and continue to promote educational exchange programs and research projects with our overseas counterparts.