Program Leader KIDA, Hiroshi, DVM, PhD, MJA

Under this program, we will work to clarify the perpetuation mechanisms and transmission routes of zoonotic pathogens in nature, the molecular mechanisms of host range and the pathogenesis of zoonotic diseases, establish prophylactic and therapeutic strategies, and participate in an exhaustive search for potential zoonotic pathogens, with the aid of the international collaboration research network. Through our research and educational activities, we will forster zoonosis control doctors who will play pivotal roles in the control of zoonoses at the epicenters of outbreaks and make major contributions to international and domestic activities for disease control.
Background and Objectives
Outline of Activities
Educational Activities
Research Activities

The program will be mainly implemented by four subgroups:

(1) Cultivation of Human Resource Group

This group will provide active support for the development of research ability and the international activities of post-graduate and post-doctoral students. It will also support the development and implementation of career paths for students and trainees who have acquired outstanding research skills.

(2) Epidemiological Research Group

This group will investigate the perpetuation mechanisms, distribution, host specificity and transmission routes of pathogens in nature, as well as performing an exhaustive search for novel microorganisms that may potentially cause zoonoses in the future. In addition, strategies for the prediction, prevention and control of endemic infectious diseases will also be developed via bioinformatic approaches.

(3) Immunological and Pathobiological Research Group
This group will examine the mechanisms underlying pathogenicity, host range and immune responses. The information obtained will be used to advance the establishment of prophylactic and therapeutic strategies.

(4) Diagnostic and Therapeutic Research Group

This group will develop novel strategies for diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic methods, animal models for zoonosis research, and technologies for the isolation and identification of pathogens.

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