Division of Global Epidemiology, Research Center for Zoonosis Control

Degree:Ph. D
Name of the field:Virology

Current research

  • Molecular basis of the pathogenesis of filovirus (Ebola and Marburg viruses) infection and filovirus diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment.
  • Ecology of hemorrhagic fever viruses in Asia and Africa: Natural hosts and transmission to humans.
  • Role of antibodies in heterosubtypic immunity against influenza A viruses.
  • Mechanisms of antibody-mediated neutralization targeting virus egress from cells.
  • Global surveillance of animal influenza.

Projects for graduate students

  1. Promotion of fostering Zoonosis Control Expert
  2. Establishment of global research network.

Recent publications

  1. Nakayama, E., Tomabechi, D., Matsuno, K., Kishida, N., Yoshida, R., Feldmann, H., Takada, A. 2011. Antibody-dependent enhancement of Marburg virus infection. J. Infect. Dis. Suppl 3:S978-985.
  2. Simulundu, E., Ishii, A., Igarashi, M., Mweene, A.S., Suzuki, Y., Hang'ombe, B.M., Namangala, B., Moonga, L., Manzoor, R., Ito, K., Nakamura, I., Sawa, H., Sugimoto, C., Kida, H., Simukonda, C., Chansa, W., Chulu, J., Takada, A. 2011. Characterization of influenza A viruses isolated from wild waterfowls in Zambia. J. Gen. Virol. 92(Pt 6):1416-1427.
  3. Ogawa, H., Miyamoto, H., Ebihara, H., Ito, K., Morikawa, S., Feldmann, H., Takada, A. 2011. Detection of all known filovirus species by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction using a primer set specific for the viral nucleoprotein gene. J. Virol. Methods 171(1):310-313.
  4. Matsuno, K., Kishida, N., Usami, K., Igarashi, M., Yoshida, R., Nakayama, E., Shimojima, M., Feldmann, H., Irimura, T., Kawaoka, Y., Takada, A. 2010. Different potential of C-type lectin-mediated entry between Marburg virus strains. J. Virol. 84(10):5140-5147.
  5. Yoshida, R., Igarashi, M., Ozaki, H., Kishida, N., Tomabechi, D., Kida, H., Ito, K., and Takada, A. 2009. Cross-protective potential of a novel monoclonal antibody directed against antigenic site B of the hemagglutin of influenza A viruses. PLoS. Pathog. 5(3):e1000350.
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